Enthusiasm Lab

Enthusiasm Lab is a boutique innovative marketing studio offering a wide variety of services customized to your business's needs.

We help you and your business thrive with strategic, intention based marketing fueled with passion and unique perspectives!



The Enthusiasm Lab is inspired by the yin and yang of marketing, the intricate combination of creativity and science that makes marketing so captivating. Fueled by enthusiasm and passion the Enthusiasm Lab is devoted to exceeding clients expectations with rock-solid formulas for success.

Meet the team at Enthusiasm Lab and learn more about their expertise.


Julia Mason is the right-brained side of the operation. 

Julia has over nine years of marketing experience and is currently the Marketing Manager for The Buccini/Pollin Group (BPG), a privately-held, full-service real estate acquisition, development and management company headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware.

Buccini/Pollin has acquired or developed real estate assets having a value in excess of $4.0 billion, including 30 hotels, 6 million square feet of office and retail space, 10 major residential communities, and multiple entertainment venues.

At BPG, Julia has had the pleasure to work on 4 rebranding projects, manage 44 social media channels, write over 156 blog posts, oversee and aid in the creation of 13 websites, plan 30 events, compose press releases, create an e-marketing platform, work on logo design, newsletters, signage design and promotional marketing to provide for the company’s three sectors.

In addition to her role at BPG, Julia enjoys supporting and collaborating on start up businesses such as Thrive as well as non-profits, including St.Casimir.

Julia’s personal website is positivelyglamorous.com where she shares her personal passions for interior design, vintage items and motivational graphics


Patrick Mason is the left-brained side of the operation.

A Chemical Engineer by trade his warp-speed analytical mind is a huge asset to the Enthusiasm Lab organization. Patrick oversees the financial side of the business as well as offers his expertise in excel, creating more efficient processes and marketing analysis tools.  

In addition to his daily roles, Patrick is a very creative craftsman and handyman and even built the Enthusiasm Lab desk himself!