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The Best Marketing is Authentic Marketing "Just be Yourself"

As I write this, I'm reminded of this scene in Aladdin, where the genie reminds him to just, "Be yourself." 

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It is not an easy task for individuals, yet alone corporations and businesses especially when there is so much competition out there. When we feel threatened or inadequate our tendency is to pretend to be what we are not and emulate others.  But I implore you to take a deep dive on what makes your business unique. Is it the people? The culture? After doing a deep dive be vulnerable, and show your customers and employees what sets you apart. 

In the case of a short video designed to recruit new employees for a construction company at college campuses, I did just that. I drew on what made the company unique-the employees and the culture. Instead of trying to match up to the larger construction companies, we drew on the fact that it is a small company as a strength.

Small Company = BIG Opportunity

Watch the video here.